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Dr. Wei Li

Dr. Wei Li grew up in Qianjiang, a small town in Hubei Province in China. In 2013, he obtained his BSc degree from the University of Jinan in Composite Materials and Engineering. Upon graduating, Wei moved to Wuhan, where in 2016 he received his MSc degree from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology. His Master’s thesis involved the design and fabrication of high-temperature Proton Exchange Membranes for fuel cells.

Shortly after finishing his Master’s degree, Wei joined the Polymer Electronics & Polymer Physics Group in Wuhan University of Technology and began his PhD under the supervision of Professor Tao Wang. During his PhD, his research project was focused on morphology and photovoltaic performance of fullerene and non-fullerene based polymer solar cells, employing synchrotron X-ray facilities to unravel the molecular order and aggregation to help fabricate high performance polymer solar cells.

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