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Dr. Stefan Zeiske

Stefan studied physics at the University of Potsdam (Potsdam, Germany) and worked in the PWM group led by Prof. Dr. Dieter Neher. The PWM group focused on investigating the energy of charge transfer states at hybrid inorganic/organic interfaces. In 2018, Stefan completed his Master of Science in Physics and started his PhD at Swansea University working in the Sêr SAM group led by Prof. Dr. Paul Meredith. His interests lay in new technologies to produce renewable energy with a particular focus on solar energy.

Stefan is currently studying the electronic properties of inorganic and organic semiconductors to be used as photo-active layers in thin film opto-electronic devices such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes and photodetectors. He develops new opto-electronic measurement techniques that seek to obtain a better fundamental understanding of generation, transport and recombination processes of charge carriers. Based on the findings he aims to identify main loss channels of charge carriers in photovoltaic devices, customize manufacture processes and ultimately enhance the power-conversion efficiency of current and future photovoltaic systems.

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