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On the 20th of July, Prof. Paul Meredith, Dr. Ardalan Armin and Dr. Wei Li of the Sêr SAM research group received word that their manuscript for an invited essay in Advanced Energy Materials had been published online. The manuscript is titled “Non-fullerene Acceptors – A renaissance in Organic Photovoltaics?” and can be found HERE.

The essay explores how the recent emergence of so-called non-fullerene electron acceptors have the potential to deliver a shift in performance from so-called organic photovoltaics (solar cells based upon organic semi-conductors), which even though have shown promise as an ultra-low-cost player in the global decarbonisation agenda, have not been able to be meaningfully commercialized just yet. The essay explores the basic new properties of so-called non-fullerene electron acceptors, their pros and cons, and many other insights.

The Sêr SAM group has been steadily making progress this year despite the unfortunate circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Therefore, we are very excited to be able to announce this research and share our discoveries with you. If you have further questions about the manuscript or wish to get in touch, please contact Prof. Paul Meredith ( and/or Dr. Ardalan Armin (

Stay safe and stay healthy!

The Sêr SAM team

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