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First Annual Sêr SAM - Potsdam Symposium

On 19 March, the Sêr SAM group had the privilege of hosting our friends from the University of Potsdam, members of Swansea University Physics Department, members of Swansea University Engineering and guests from Imperial College for our first annual Swansea – Potsdam Symposium in Organic, Perovskite and Nano-crystal Semiconductors. The Symposium was held at the historic Morgan’s Hotel, located in the heart of Swansea just minutes from the beautiful Maritime Quarter.

The symposium brought 34 researchers together to share knowledge, present research, and open opportunities for future collaboration. The day consisted of four sessions running from 9:00 to 18:00.

Presentations covered a wide variety of topics from “Probing the Pathways of Free Charge Generation in Organic Solar Cells” to “Multi-mapping techniques and its use for perovskite[s]”. The full schedule of events is just below:

We are so glad that we were able to come together for such an event and look forward to more engaging and enlightening research and conversation next year!

Until then, Sêr SAM

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