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Miss. Heather Evans 

Heather grew up in Cape Breton, a small island in Eastern Canada off the coast of Nova Scotia. in 2013 she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Sociology Honors and Psychology Minor from Mount Allison University (New Brunswick, Canada). Her research at the time focused on the Sociology of the Body and media studies as they pertain to women’s objectification and the prevalence of eating disorders among women. Upon graduation, Heather moved back to Cape Breton where she worked in social policy until deciding to return to school to study Holistic Nutrition and Alternative Healthcare in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Heather finished her studies with the Canadian College of Natural Nutrition in 2016 and became a business owner, public speaker, and teacher, focusing on helping vegan athletes and people with anorexia. She also gained experience working with other small businesses as project management and bookkeeping support.

In 2019, Heather took the opportunity to move abroad with her partner, settling in Wales. She joined Sêr SAM in November 2019 as a Project Management Assistant. This supportive role is a varied position that provides Heather with the opportunity to gain experience in operational support for a group working toward providing new technology and techniques for a more sustainable future. The challenges and learning opportunities she faces in this position bring together her love of working with people and her passion for seeking out answers for one of society’s more difficult questions – what comes next?

Heather is still active in the world of eating disorder advocacy through mentorship and volunteering. In her spare time she enjoys cooking for herself and others, staying active in the gym, surfing, and playing music. She also has a passion for craft beer.

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