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Dr. Gregory Burwell

Dr Gregory Burwell received his master’s in mathematics and physics from the University of Warwick in 2010. Returning to his native Swansea, he completed his PhD on the topic of graphene biosensors from Swansea University in 2013. Greg continued to develop his interests in nano/microfabrication techniques and 2D materials in his postdoctoral research, working on projects involving silicon microneedles and graphene sensors. Moving to the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona in 2015, Greg was part of a highly motivated team that demonstrated the world’s first CMOS-integrated graphene image sensor.

Greg transferred this enthusiasm for realising real-world applications of research back to his own PhD work, joining a Swansea University-based start-up producing sensors for medical and industrial applications.  He continued to pursue his interest in fabrication and testing of optoelectronic devices with industrial collaborations as a Research Officer at Swansea University.

Always keen for a new challenge, Greg joined the Sêr SAM group as a Research Scientist in 2019. Here he is exploring ways of combining inorganic fabrication techniques with solution-processable materials to produce large-scale, high-performance, and new types of optoelectronic devices.

Having worked in different environments encompassing all technology readiness levels (TRLs), Greg’s motivating principle is that research and development should produce science and technology that is scalable and useful to society. He borrows from the concept of a “full-stack” developer from the software world and applies this to materials and devices – approaching new ideas from basic physics, all the way to marketable devices. Outside of his research work, Greg enjoys writing and playing music.

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