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Mr. Drew Riley

Drew grew up in Victoria, a city located on Canada’s West Coast. In 2013, he relocated to Halifax, Canada. Here Drew attended Dalhousie University where he completed his B.Sc. with honours and his M.Sc in Physics. During his undergraduate degree, he was awarded the A.S. Mackenzie prize for first class honours  and a CGSM scholarship to attend his master’s studies. During his master’s work he studied femto-second spin-relaxation within perovskite semiconductors and gained expertise in femto-seond laser systems.

In 2019, Drew moved to Swansea to begin his PhD studies with the Sêr SAM group at Swansea University. His focus is on the disentangling of various relaxation pathways in disordered semiconductor systems including organics and perovskites. He is the resident Ultrafast expert and has been involved in the construction of many apparatuses the group currently uses. Drew’s interests lie in Ultrafast and Semiconductor Physics, specifically the relaxation mechanisms in disordered semiconductors. Throughout his career, Drew has worked with start-up companies, lectured to undergraduate students, tutored and taught at the undergraduate level, and volunteered with various science outreach groups in Halifax. Before studying at Dalhousie, Drew worked as a pastry chef. He is an avid musician, surfer, and traveller.

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