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About Sêr SAM

The Sêr SAM programme is based at Swansea University in the Department of Physics and is focused on the science and technology of new sustainable advances materials (SAM) for applications such as energy conversion, electronics, optoelectronics and bioelectronics. Our research is funded under the Welsh Government’s Sêr Cymru II initiative but also has new projects funded by the UKRI and in particular Research England, the Higher Education Funding Council of Wales and the EPSRC. The Sêr SAM programme is led by Professor Paul Meredith, a Sêr Cymru National Research Chair, and Associate Professor Ardalan Armin, a Sêr Cymru Rising Star Fellow. 

Our team consists of physicists, chemists and engineers and our activities span fundamental principles of materials science through to applied device-technology – theory, simulations and experimental research. The Sêr SAM programme recently joined forces with the South Wales semiconductor industry and Swansea University’s Centre for Nanohealth to create a new initiative – the Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) – through a £29.92M grant from Research England to create a state-of-the-art semiconductor research and innovation facility at Swansea University due for opening in 2022.

Our team of 20 drawn from all over the world are passionate about creating a more sustainable high-tech future through earth abundant, low embodied energy, low toxicity advanced materials. We hope you find our Knowledge Sharing Portal interesting and useful.  

Funding Partners

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