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Mr. Christian Osborne

Christian Osborne is a fourth year Physics student at Swansea University currently pursuing his MPhys degree. Christian joined the SêrSAM group in Feburary 2020 whilst conducting his MPhys project, in the fabrication of thin film organic solar cells. His current research interests lie in the fabrication, refinement, and performance of thin film photovoltaics. Prior to his introduction into SêrSAM, Christian carried out his education in the Swansea area where he discovered his passion for Physics through his secondary and higher education.

During his time at Swansea University Christian has furthered his enthusiasm for the subject and has sought to disseminate his knowledge of Physics to prospective Physicists in secondary schools through his volunteering as a Physics mentor; part of the Physics Mentoring Project, pioneered by Cardiff University. Christian’s drive to take part in cutting-edge research, in addition to his curiosity to learn new concepts, has resulted in an aspiration to kick-start a career in scientific research.

When he is not furthering his scientific knowledge, Christian likes to read science fiction novels and support Swansea city at home football matches.

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