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Dr. Bernard Mostert

Dr. Bernard Mostert is a graduate of The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. It was here he completed his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry and Physics in 2005, his BSc Honors in Chemistry in 2006 and his PhD in Physics in 2011. His PhD focus at the time was in biomaterials. After taking a year off, Dr. Mostert commenced a Post Doc at Lancaster University (Lancaster, United Kingdom). In 2014, Dr. Mostert returned to Brisbane where he pursued another Post Doc position in which he worked primarily with bioelectronics.

At the beginning of 2018, Dr. Mostert joined the Sêr SAM group at Swansea University as a Marie Skłodowska Curie Co-Fund Fellow. His work focuses on bioelectronic materials and devices with the intention to interface bionic materials with electronic materials for potential medical application. He is currently doing research in creating sustainable and advanced materials for medical sensing.

Dr. Mostert is the group’s expert in in-situ hydration dependant measurements on biodependent materials. He does this across a wide variety of experimental techniques – electrical magnetic resonance, neutron scattering, and optical techniques. The aim of this project is to create prototype bioelectric devices for potential medical sensing of the human body.

Outside of work, Dr. Mostert spends his time with his wife and four children, attends his local church and cultivates his love for cooking and baking. He is an avid traveller and is interested in exploring new cultural areas, seeing new landscapes, and meeting new people.

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